Catholic Prayer for Cancer Patients

Below are the names of 40 people currently suffering from cancer or other serious condition. These graced spirits have been appointed as vessels of God's mercy to be filled with your holy petitions. Please hear and answer them with your prayers.

To begin, click on any saint's image to go the patient's petition page. For a complete list of all featured patients click here.

St Clare of Assisi

Mary Carol

aggressive recurrence
St Jude

Pray for Gloria

suffering on her own
St Basil the Great

Pray for Jack

Prostate Cancer,
now has heart trouble
St Elizabeth of Hungary

Pray for Ruthie

Lung Cancer,
heal her, father God
St Andrew the Apostle

Pray for Fred

very loving & giving
St Raphael the Archangel

Pray for Richard

Squamous Lung Cancer,
asking for prayers
St Rose of Lima

Pray for Patricia

Breast Cancer,
Needs help of others
St Michael the Archangel

Pray for Michele

Heart Disease,
Surgery unsuccessful
St Michael the Archangel

Pray for Nathan

3rd time only 17 yrs old
St Maria Goretti

Pray for Marialice

Ovarian Cancer,
dealing with reoccurence
St Peregrine

Pray for Tina

Lung Cancer,
to shrink tumors
St Bernardine of Siena

Pray for Clarence

Lung Cancer,
to enter God's Kingdom
St Jude

Pray for Gregg

praying for a miracle
St Jude

Pray for Judeen

with nodule in the lung
St Faustina

Pray for Loreen

Fibrosis of Lungs,
loving single mom
St Rita

Pray for Michelle

Adv. Breast Cancer,
spread to bones and liver
Padre Pio

Pray for Polo

Unspecified Cancer,
brave, loving and funny
St Francis Xavier

Pray for Dara

Breast Cancer,
a very strong woman
St Anthony

Pray for Miguel

Unspecified Condition,
loved by many people
St Teresa of Avila

Pray for Lynn

Brain Cancer,
filled with loving grace
St Jude

Pray for Vicki

Colon Cancer,
pray for miracle healing
St Therese of Lisieux

Pray for Therese

Colon Cancer,
inspiration to all
St Pope John Paul II

Pray for John

Esophageal Cancer,
great husband and father
St Dominic

Pray for Alta

Colon Cancer,
loves to helping kids
Holy Mary

Pray for Teri

Liver Cancer,
multiple tumors
St Gemma Galgani

Pray for Dave

father of 7 year old
St John Bosco

Pray for Willy

Lung Cancer,
chemo & radiation
St Gemma Galgani

Pray for Nancy

Adv. Breast Cancer,
spread beyond breast
St Monica

Pray for Peggy

Breast Cancer,
please pray for her
St Catherine Laboure

Mary Helen

Heart Disease,
blockage to arteries
St Francis of Assisi

Pray for Bill

Pancreatic Cancer,
has deep faith in God
Holy Mary

Pray for Sarah

Neuroendocrine Cancer,
mother of 3
St Faustina

Pray for Patricia

Pancreatic Cancer,
for healing and recovery
St Ambrose

Pray for Ron

Bladder Cancer,
and colon cancer
St Mary Magdalene

Pray for Joyce

Uterine Cancer,
loving servant of God

Pray for Joanne

seizure-like episodes

Pray for Lori

Lung Cancer,
desires relief from pain
St John Vianney

Pray for Dennis

Colon Cancer,
46 yr old father of three
St Dymphna

Pray for Christian

Debiliating Anxiety,
lasting for weeks
St Catherine of Siena

Pray for Jane

Uterine Cancer,
spread into abdomen

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