Pray for Maureen

Maureen was first diagnosed over 10 years ago. She was treated and doing well. Then, about two years ago, she she experience pain in her shoulder and neck. The doctors found the cancer had spread into her spine and crushed one of her vertebrae.

After several weeks of radiation thearpy, Maureen waited to hear when her chemo would begin. Upon examination, the doctors were astonded to find the vertebrae had reformed and the cancer was no longer present!

Recently, Maureen had some hot spots of melanoma that needed to be removed. She continues to teeter on the edge of needing treatment. Please pray for her continued health and healing.

Michelle, friend

UPDATE 9/20/2014: Maureen is recovering very well from further surgery of a few weeks ago. She continues to remain in good spirits. She is just as independant and strong as ever. What a warrior! Keep the prayers coming.

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My beautiful friend, Maureen, I keep you close to my heart in prayer. You are a tough women and I know you can stay one step ahead of this cancer-beast. May Christ stay with you in every moment, especially the most difficult ones.

Love and prayers,



Dear Maureen,

God bless you, my friend, with continued health and healing. Your absolute trust in God inspires me and brings hope to all who hear your story.




Prayers for healing everyday.


Dear Maureen,

My prayers are with you as you undergo chemo. I know your firm faith and can-do attitude will see you through. I pray that our dear Lord will continue to shower you with His love and healing touch.




My sister in Christ, I will continue praying for you that God, and our heavenly Mother, give you strength. You are not forgotten.

God's blessings,



To a loving lady --- May you feel God's loving peace for you. You are His daughter and He knows every minute detail about you. He knows your devotion to Him.



Dear Maureen,

Trust in God as it appears you already do. May God's will be done and may you be able to continue to build memories.

Your friend in Christ,
Mary K.


Heavenly Father.... Bless our Maureen right at this moment and engulf her in Your Love.



My suffering sister is needing Your loving arms and healing Hands on her, my Jesus. We will always pray within Your will, my beloved Abba. Glorify Your daughter, Maureen, in her suffering, and bring her Your comfort and Your healing love.

Blessed Virgin Mary, if it is within the will of Your Son, Jesus, untie the knots of cancer and free her body from them forever. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


Heavenly Father,

Bless your daughter, Maureen. She is a wonderful woman. She does much work for You. She does her work in Your Name. There isn't a day goes by without You in her thoughts. Surround her with Your Loving Arms. May she feel Your Presence Heavenly Father. May she jump for Joy in her Love for You. For this I pray.



May our Loving Father embrace you. May you feel His Presence. With each receiving of Communion may you be strengthened. May you be excited by the consecration of the bread and wine of Our Lord.

Love you.


Dear Maureen,

I'm so sorry you had a lots of ups and downs. I will be praying for strength, faith and courage for you. May the angels watch over you.

God's blessings,
Cathy CTK Team 23/25.


Dear Lord Jesus,

We ask for your constant watch over Maureen, and pray that the cancer will not creep into any more of her cells. We pray that you will strengthen her immune system to fight the disease.

We love you and hope to spread your love and mercy to all those who suffer and to all members of our families.

In Christ,


Keep up the positive attitude Maureen!! God and His angels be with you!!!


Heavenly Father,

One of your children needs your healing...Please send your Love and Strength so that she may become whole again...We praise you Lord Jesus.


Please Dear Lord,

Comfort Maureen in her suffering and give her relief from her cancer. St. Pio and St. Jude intercede for her, in Your Holy Name. Amen.



Please Dear Lord,

Comfort Maureen in her suffering and give her a cure from her cancer. St. Pio and St. Jude intercede for her, in Your Holy Name. Amen.



Michelle, I have named Maureen as an intention at Mass Christmas day and since and will continue to do so entrusting the intention now to my Guardian Angel for as long as needed, and at my 3pm Divine Mercy Hour Stations Of The Cross prayers...perhaps have her and you pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for her, the benefits especially as stated in paragraphs 687 and 811 of Saint Faustina’s Divine Mercy Diary by God are incredible graces, and a short research of the internet will show you the testimonies of many who have had miraculous intervention as a result of this prayer given by Our Lord Jesus Christ to Saint Faustina in the 1930's....Perhaps you might consider having a Perpetual Mass Association name Maureen as a Mass intention, there are several online, the Trinitarians will include her as a Perpetual Mass intention for as little as a $10 donation, in 500 Masses a month, 15,000 a year!!!....many Saints have said the benefit of just one Mass is infinite, if you research this you will also find the Souls in Purgatory have also attested to its incredible benefits as each Mass is the sacrifice of a God for us...I pray Our Lord to heal Maureen!


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