Prayer List

This is a complete list of all patients ever featured on this site. Please continue to pray for all those who are suffering. May the Lord wrap them in His loving arms, and may the Blessed Mother comfort them and fill their heart with her endless mercy.

Al Kidney Cancer
Alta Colon Cancer
Anna Advanced Breast Cancer
Anny Advanced Breast Cancer
Antonio Advanced Colon Cancer
Andy Leukemia
Arlene Lung Cancer
Barbara Lung Cancer
Bee Advanced Breast Cancer
Bill Colon Cancer
Bill Pancreatic Cancer
Cathy Brain Tumor
Chav Lung Cancer
Cheryl Abdominal Cancer
Claudette Advanced Breast Cancer
Clarence Lung Cancer
Dac Breast Cancer
Dara Breast Cancer
Dave Lymphoma
David Brain Tumor
David Severe Stomach Pain
Debbi Thyroid Cancer
Debbie In Memoriam
Deborah Bladder Cancer
Dennis Colon Cancer
Diane Advanced Colon Cancer
Diane Pancreatic Cancer
Eddie Neck Cancer
Edmond Prostate Cancer
Edward Lymphedema
Faith Cancer
Fred Melanoma
Gene Prostate Cancer
George Lung Cancer
Gina Marie Brain Cancer
Glen Lung Cancer
Gloria Leukemia
Gregg Paralysis
Guy Severe Infection
Isaac Austism (Pediatric)
Isaura Colon Cancer
Inez Severe Digestive Problems
Jane Uterine Cancer
Jennifer Fibromyalgia
Jim Lung Cancer
Joan Blood Cancer
Joanne Post-Concussion Syndrome
Joe Chronic Facial Pain
John Leukemia
John Esophageal Cancer
John Brain Tumor
Joseph Prostate Cancer
Joyce Uterine Cancer
JR Breast Cancer
Juan Hemmoragic Stroke (Coma)
Judeen Lymphoma
Judy ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease
Julie Lung Cancer
Kathleen In Memoriam
Kathy Breast Cancer
Kent Wilm's Tumor
Larry Colon Cancer
Lee Ellen Amyloidosis
Lloyd Lung Cancer
Loreen Fibrosis of Lungs
Lori Lung Cancer
Lucas Lyme Disease
Lynda Jaw Bone Deterioration
Lynn Adv Breast Cancer
Lynn Brain Cancer
Maggie Liver Cancer
Maria Lupus
Marialice Ovarian Cancer
Marie Colon Cancer
Mary Carol Lymphoma
Mary Helen Heart Disease
Maureen Advanced Breast Cancer
Mary Advanced Breast Cancer
Mary Frances Colon and Uterine Cancer
Meera Liver Cancer (Pediatric)
Michael Multiple Myeloma
Michelle Infectious Disease
Michelle Adv. Breast Cancer
Miguel Unspecified Cancer
Mike Colon Cancer
Nancy Advanced Breast Cancer
Nathan Osteosarcoma
Olivia In Memoriam
Pat Colon Cancer
Patricia Breast Cancer
Patricia Brain Tumor
Patricia Pancreatic Cancer
Patrick Gastric Cancer
Paul In Memoriam
Paul MS
Paul Pancreatic Cancer
Peggy Breast Cancer
Polo Unspecified Cancer
Ray Advanced Cancer
Richard Heart Problems
Richard Squamous Lung Cancer
Ruthie Breast Cancer
Ruthie Lung Cancer
Rick Kidney Cancer
Roger Lung Cancer
Ron Bladder and Colon Cancer
Rosemary Multiple Myeloma
Sarah Neuroendocrine Cancer
Sean Rectal Cancer
Sharon Liver Cancer
Stuart Esophageal Cancer
Suzanne Multiple Myeloma
Sylvia Serious Illness
Teddy Multiple Myeloma
Terry Advanced Cervical Cancer
Therese Colon Cancer
Timothy Liver Cancer
Tt Lung Cancer
Ute ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease
Vicki Colon Cancer
Vickie Esophageal Cancer
Willy Lung Cancer
Yasuwo Eye Impairment
Yolanda In Memoriam

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